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My passion lies in working with local earthenware red clays, breathing life into them through my skillful craftsmanship. Each creation is a unique reflection of my mind, showcasing not only my technical expertise but also profound exploration of psychological states through pottery. My artistry goes beyond the physicality of pottery.  I delve into the realm of emotions, using my creations as a medium to represent and express various psychological states.

One such series is "Emptiness," a poignant collection that captures the profound sense of emptiness a person may experience internally. Each piece in this series carries a narrative, inviting viewers to contemplate their own emotional journeys and find solace in shared experiences.

My preferred technique for shaping pottery is the timeless art of wheel throwing. With practiced hands, I transform lumps of clay into graceful forms, infusing each piece with a sense of dynamic energy and fluidity. The process of wheel throwing allows me to merge precision and spontaneity, resulting in pieces that carry a harmonious balance between control and organic expression.

My exploration of materials led me to discover the allure of Terra Sigillata, a technique historically associated with ancient Greek pottery. Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of ceramic traditions, I incorporate Terra Sigillata into my artistic practice, infusing my creations with a touch of historical elegance. This distinctive technique lends a unique character to my work, as the surfaces of my pots are meticulously polished, offering a velvety softness that beckons to be touched.

I approach forms with a traditional perspective, but I always strive to push the boundaries of the material. I accomplish this by synthesizing what I have learned from different cultures with my own cultural background. These forms can sometimes serve a functional purpose, while at other times, they transform into entirely abstract shapes.

Doruk/ Peak

In 2020, when my son Doruk came into the world, I entered a new phase of questioning in my life. This period of contemplation unveiled traces of the past and introduced me to a sense of emptiness. The "Emptiness" series emerged from this experience. During this period, I started to scrutinize the connection between craftsmanship and art.


An allegory is a literary or artistic device that uses symbolic representation to convey complex ideas, moral principles, or abstract concepts.

Fired 840°C Terra Sigillata

İzmir Rotary Club 15. Altın Testi Ceramic Competition Gürdal Özçalık Special Award in 2018


Macsabal is traditional South Korea bowl which fire in special Macsabal Kiln by wood.

Fired 1240°C- Stoneware

International Traditional Macsabal Competition Achievement Award in Ankara 2018


The bowl name of coming "Every cloud has a silver lining."

It is made of porcelain and fired at 1250°C in 2016

in the Mehmet Nuri Göçen Foundation collection.

Macsabal Bowls

In 2014, I had the opportunity to participate in the Macsabal Museum residency workshop in South Korea. During my time there, I created all of the Macsabal pieces which selected collection in museum. However, it is unfortunate to note that the Macsabal Museum has closed its doors a few years ago. It is a loss for the art community, as the museum served as a valuable platform for promoting and preserving the traditional art form of Macsabal.

Water Splash Series III

The Water Splash series represents movement, impulse, and delicacy. The presentation style is associated with a defense mechanism against breaking.

Fired 1040°C

in the Mehmet Nuri Göçen Foundation collection since 2014

Obvara Series I

Obvara is an alternative firing technique that is part of the traditional firing methods of Northern Europe.

The works won Anadolu University Muammer Cakı Ceramic Competition Prof. Dr. Cemal Cingi special award in 2013

Age Symbols

Age symbols represent periods and processes. Each form is fired using different alternative firing techniques, referencing specific periods in history.

From left Barrel Fired, Saggar Fired, Glazed form Barrel Fired

İzmir Rotary Club 12. Altın Testi Ceramic Competition Erdoğan Tözge Special Award in 2012